You’ve planted your roots under the humid sun,

pushing the earthen ground of filial obedience,

to find the water of appreciation and peace,

seeking the nutrients of innate contentment.


But you have been uprooted too often,

that your body is torn and bloodied, 

with the sins of your past,

with the karmas of your future.


You realise you only have the strength,

to gain stability in the concrete homes,

of those that never had the heart,

to give you loyalty in the first place.


Shiver at the ironic natures of this world!


The roots that you buried,

have been left to wither and die,

under the humid sun and the breezy winds,

the memories; the laugher.


Your living soul Is nothing but a distant past of a life once lived and mourned.





Like withered leaves,
frolicking to autumn’s eddying air,
I’ll never know,
when will I settle,
satisfy the needs of innate contentment,
accept that the established sentiment,
of yesteryear’s regrets and dispositions,
were brewed; resonance of seasons,
of torment and wholesome blues,
the despair of crouching in broken homes,
lined with vines of toughened roots,
of darkened esteems and confidence,
to approach life.

When will I settle,
heal the chasms of neurotic inanities,
reject the weakened foundations of these paper towns,
glorified by the insatiable greed of paper people,
making cutout love in flimsy suburbia,
that failed to quench the pleas of adam-kind,
to erase the mistake,
of star-crossed sins and entwined hues;
the longing for better times,
to approach life.



The Sixth instalment of the Mission Impossible Series has proved to be a summer banger at the box office, earning its spot as the eighth highest grossing film of 2018.With unexpected twists and exhilarating actions scenes that are gorgeously terrifying, it’s a no brainer that moviegoers are not worthy of such a film that promises us with the weaving of great technical elements and brilliant cinematography.

Unlike narratives that spend a considerable time in building the story to the audience, the films immediately begins with a rough and broken syndicate known as the “Apostles”, with the belief that the greater the suffering they unleash on Earth, the better the peace that will follow.In order to unleash destruction, they had been working with someone in the IMF to gain access to three cylinders of weapon-grade plutonium, capable of creating three nuclear bombs.This marks the entry of Hunt(Tom Cruise) whose sole mission is to retrieve the plutonium and prevent mass destruction.Hunt is tasked by his boss Huntley (Alec Baldwin) to go to Paris before the source in the IMF purchases the plutonium however faces a challenge when he is given a partner by Sloan(Angela Bassett) who is convinced that Hunt is not the right man and hence enters the antagonist August Walker(Henry Cavill).The director of the film, McQuarrie has also embedded hidden meanings throughout the plot of the film and makes us wander whether we are Hunt( who is protective of everything he loves) or the total opposite like Walker.Along with the stunts which include the famous Helicopter battle at the climax of this film, McQuarrie has ensured that we are able to feel the spatialness and experience the actions of the characters.

Overall, Mission Impossible: Fallout is a promising film that promises the essentials of a big-budget action film and so much more.