“They found me,

chugging boba on blood-stained sidewalks,

watching the arrival of murrain twilights,

that gave birth to New Year’s merry moments.


Deciding that my Abang’s and Kor’s,

were no longer worthy,

to be heroes in my glorious chapters.


They found me,

choking pearls on blood-stained sidewalks,

the lingering void in tormented winds,

2018’s metaphor of cruelty and allegory.


A reverberation of the heart,

causes my veins to bleed.

The toxicity of one-sided friendships,

a crippling conflict of lost hope,

in the essence of real friendships.


The heart that longed companionship,

Braved the undulating waves of remorseful penance.

The lucid beat that withers in spring,

Craved purity in the echoes of broken dreams.


Stitching myself in weaves of reality,

Gravity beckons me to mortality,

The inevitable anguish to let go,

Trample over the ideals we sowed.


The heart ceases to fathom,

The anguish in my atoms,

You set my devotion ablaze,

Blinded hindsight in a summer haze.


To leave me behind,

When I thought you were a friend for life.