“They found me,

chugging boba on blood-stained sidewalks,

watching the arrival of murrain twilights,

that gave birth to New Year’s merry moments.


Deciding that my Abang’s and Kor’s,

were no longer worthy,

to be heroes in my glorious chapters.


They found me,

choking pearls on blood-stained sidewalks,

the lingering void in tormented winds,

2018’s metaphor of cruelty and allegory.


A reverberation of the heart,

causes my veins to bleed.

The toxicity of one-sided friendships,

a crippling conflict of lost hope,

in the essence of real friendships.


The heart that longed companionship,

Braved the undulating waves of remorseful penance.

The lucid beat that withers in spring,

Craved purity in the echoes of broken dreams.


Stitching myself in weaves of reality,

Gravity beckons me to mortality,

The inevitable anguish to let go,

Trample over the ideals we sowed.


The heart ceases to fathom,

The anguish in my atoms,

You set my devotion ablaze,

Blinded hindsight in a summer haze.


To leave me behind,

When I thought you were a friend for life.




“Our entire friendship is built,

on caskets of unwanted burdens.

Clinging to the inferno of stolen memories,

like the end was a text away.

In the New Year,

I had begun to hope for change.

An aura of appreciation and respect,

your actions proved me wrong.

You left me to wither,

like Dandelions in Spring,

cutting wounds in holes and souls,

where blood can’t flow.

Poisoned by the toxicity,

of our tropical remnants.

Tripped with guilt,

of love so deep,

The ice that begins to grow within.”



My body is a divine temple,

Of blood and bones; a cursed example. 

Drowned by the holy voices of long-gone kin,

Who preached the ethics of societal sin.


Abiding the laws of paradoxical superstitions,

A living example of segregation and divisions.

Myths and legends that bathe in aural dreams,

The foundations that built the corrupted realm.


My soul is a divine fusion,

Of scriptures and duties; an obedient illusion.

Burdened by the expectations of filial hope,

Dare I think to fight against my horoscope!


“We begin as friends,

Partners as life’s journey bends,

Brothers that comprehend,

The smile that always extends.

Through circumstances we blend,

Perspectives and visions we lend,

Best wishes and love we send,

Up till the day eternity ends.”


(Picture by Andrew Kohn)


My mother,

My lovely mother,

A fair maiden like no other.

The melody of sublime happiness,

In my good health and sickness.

The sunshine on a winter’s day,

Beauty of the blooming buds of May.

The temple of my prayers and wishes,

Secret of God’s gift of blisses.

My lovely mother,

My mother.



Fallen dreams rest on broken beds,

Rivers of red sparkle in veins I spread.

Infiltrated with the mellow of popping pills,

With melancholy seeps the midnight thrills.

Crooning under the incandescent moonlight,

To the thousand eyes of the silent night,

Delivering the word and withholding the tone,

The sepulchre flower that blooms alone.


Fallen souls rest on withered bones,

Vagabonds destined for a thousand homes.

Each moment sinks into the Eastern sky,

Pallid Rose Carnelian, fain to slander and die.

Darkness my friend; Judas to all,

My name screams red on white washed walls.

Crumbled to dust; In Mother Earth I’m lain,

From ashes to ashes ; till we meet again.





The Birth of Death


The warble of the beloved nightingale,

Sings praises of the pregnant moon,

Who cowers behind the wisps of the sycamore,

And heralds the nativity of eternal darkness.


The silence of the broken heart,

Dances sheepishly to the silent night,

The cursed rhapsody of a heartbreak croaks,

And heralds the nativity of eternal loneliness.


The tranquility of an ethereal soul,

Stillborn spirit of the earthly soil,

Preordained curse of the millennial age,

And heralds the nativity of eternal death.