Sanguine Sun,
Never set your rays
Beyond the shadows
Of this cruel world
There are sparrows
Fleeting songsters
Amongst cloudless skies
In midst
Of countless journeys
To lost homes.

Midnight Moon,
Flickering in beds
Of fallen supernovas
The solace of sorrows
For broken sparrows
Deafening the world in
Imploding chambers
Of unspoken words
Scattering nomads
In their own land.




O mynah!
When the pregnant moon
Gives way
To the swollen sun,
You would leave your home
Paint your colours
Against the barren sky
As you search for fields
Of nectar;
Worldly pleasures
To satisfy your
Cravings .
And when the
Sky turns to a
Luscious pink,
You will get the chance
To return home
To your loved ones.

What if you were stuck
And couldn’t move;
Till the night
Matches the colour
Of your wings.
Will your innocence
Be snatched
And raped
Against the will
Of helplessness ?
Will your little eyes
Carry unwanted burdens
And drown in
Muddled waters
Of your own suffering?




And if you asked me
Why am I so fucked
I will laugh and whisper
Stories of nightmares
That will bleed poison
Out of my virgin mouth
And tears of unleaded
Millennial Gasoline

When you compliment
My talent for writing
I will sit and wonder
About the consequences
Of emotional haemophilia
Reading blood stained
Survival manifestos
Recording tainted moments
Within napalm eyes





Forget me
Is all I can ask
Just as I’ve forgotten
How to live without
Love and purpose
The world promises
To offer your young soul
Beaming sun rays
Knocking on your eyelids
Gleaming moons
Dancing on your irises
But as shadows signify
The ending and rebirth
 My brittle eyes shall
Release my old soul
To the white-washed sky
Skin and bones to be burnt
Buried six foot under
To be reborn
In another



Delve deep into my hideous past;
The tangling of lucid strokes;
A collision of comets;
With hidden memories;
And fine grey lines;
That separated my homes.
The faint nostalgia;
Of being lost;
Etched in darkened hues;
That bleed;
The birth of battle-scars;
For 19 years of war;

Different shades of blue;
Blossom in arteries and veins.
The bitter pleasure;
Of graphite daydreams;
Remain unfilled;
As I fervently stroke;
The ego and expectations;
Of those I love;
Covering voids;
Created by society.




Our body is a canvas

Empty in desolation

Waiting to be painted

In stories 

Of our past, present and future.

Of  hopes, fears and dreams

An explosion of monochromatic chaos

Abstract in recognition

Baffled faces

Incorrect assumptions.