Life ( also known as the condition that distinguishes us from inorganic matter) is a perplexing and difficult journey that we all face, as we continue to grind and hustle for goals that bring us happiness that isn’t necessarily real ( in a sense). We Homo Sapiens, however use the idea of relativity to help us better comprehend issues and make a greater sense of it. I personally love to compare life to rations that we might get during time of hardships as the similarities are uncanny. Both life and rations have their fair share of good and bad and they can both help us to live.

Life and living are two different concepts according to me. All of us reading this are blessed to have a life, but it is not until we start to change our perceptions and views, and witness the beauty of the small things in life that we truly begin to live. It is simply explained by the ability of humans to use their “bad rations“ and turn them into something that can help us to survive; we can use the life we have to live. I believe that in order to truly live, we must infuse our lives with does of heart-warming and belly-belching laughter.

Laughter is a natural reaction that we have all experienced frequently in our life and it is something so small but its impacts are contagious towards creating a healthy mind, brain and a positive outlook which we need more of. I also love how something so simple like laughter and can be a language of its own, breaking barriers of words and letters and being a signalling system of our feelings towards others.

Laughter is also the “best medicine” for humankind as it produces endorphins and has the ability to revitalise our energy levels, making us healthy in a mental sense. With the rise of mental issues in the world today, I hope that we are able to use something so simple as laughter to truly reduce the amount of negativity in our minds. It also helps to reduce stress and boost our immune system by increasing the amount of antibodies as well as lowering our blood sugar and enhancing our circulation, acting as a free, natural and temporary “medicine” for us to enjoy.

The most important reason of needing and using laughter is because laughter has the ability to lift out spirits and enhance our moods when times get tough and when the ration of life gets higher “on the sad side”.  Laughter helps us to avoid conflict as well as widen our perspectives and navigate through the rough patches in life, making us feel better in general. I am simply amazed to see how a small dosage of laughter can transform our social surroundings as well, bringing people of all creeds and ethnicities together under the same objective of sharing pure joy and happiness. This helps us to build common ground with those around us and build trust and cooperation. By using laughter as a tool to forget about our worries, we are able to truly live in the moment and appreciate the finer things that invoke feelings of liberation and pure happiness.

Laughter can also bring negative impacts, when it is not kept in moderation or when it is perceived as insensitive( when used in unfortunate circumstances).This presents a challenge however with moderation and common sense, we are able to use laughter as a tool rather than a weapon efficiently.

 At the end of the day, regardless of our cultural beliefs on how many lives we have to live, it is important that we ensure that this one counts and that each moment spent is spent in creating and spreading happiness through acts of positivity. Laughter is one of the most instrumental tools  in doing that and by cultivating a practice of prioritising fun and laughter, we are able to truly fulfil our true purpose of living this wonderful gift of creation. 





I began this week with great anticipation and hope for the weekend ahead ( as I had made great plans with friends and family). My workload had also seemed reasonable and I was feeling confident and optimistic however it seemed that fate had different plans, throwing many setbacks. As the end of the week draws by tomorrow, I can say that I didn’t expect the week to turn out like this ( and for almost all of my weekend plans to fall apart), but this week I learnt the art of “Letting Go” which I would like to share in this week’s diary post.

Letting go and stepping back can cause volatility in the heart and  mind especially when it is something you crave for, or it is someone that you loved or wanted to be in your life. It could be as simple or difficult as letting go of expectations and being content with circumstances that life gives but for some reason, there is never a “right” way to let go. There are, however ways that can help letting go seem a little easier and less stressful. This week it meant going back and considering some of the friendships and relationships that I have made in the previous year and asking myself whether I am getting a fair deal out of it, whether it is healthy and whether similar visions and ideals are shared. 

I honestly believe that humans are neurotically programmed to complicate life which causes us to  believe in an alternate reality. I had two friendships , one where I was told to stop being “clingy” and another one where I felt as thought my respect and attention was not reciprocated. These are two friendships that I felt as though I had worked so hard for but Ive come to the realisation that anything that feels forced and causes pain is not meant to be for the more you fight for something, the more it will fight you. 

It will be painful and the fight might seem like a waste of time when we have given our time and effort but nothing is ever a waste of time, it is circumstances that allows us to make mistakes and  that helps us to grow and learn . There is a power in letting go and stepping back and bringing  peace instead of having a heavy heart. It might not be the position we want to be, but at least we are content and have the wisdom to step back and mitigate more damage from being done.

We also have to realise that if we have contemplated stepping back, that means that we might possibly be in a situation where we are not fully welcome- we have overstepped our boundaries.We need to began seeing things in reality and realise that those that we love are not always nice superheroes and can sometimes be hidden villains. By letting go of what we think is not for us, and letting go of our insecurities and fears we can forgive ourselves and those around us in order to create peace and love.

If we looked at letting go and stepping back and focused on it in a positive outlook, we will realise that such events are essential for they form new bridges to new beginnings. When we step back from people and events where we feel unwanted, we realise that we have the talent and potential to see more and enjoy what life has to offer- when one door closes; another opens.We often hold onto things and people longer than we should, with the expectations that we will never be able to find something better, when the truth is that there are billions of people and events that will make new passions emerge and you will find people who love you and give you the attention you deserve. Great things happen to all of us all the time; we just have to revert our focus and believe in positivity.

It’s time to focus on living life in the present and surround ourselves with positivity and love, no matter how long it lasts. There are 7 billion people and I am certain that at least 1%( 70million people) will love you for who you are, what you stand for and will give you the appreciation and love that you deserve. You don’t deserve the world, the world deserves to have a superstar like you so be amazing and I urge you to do some self-cleaning in your life. Trust me it will be worth it.