We are the privileged Kings and Queens
Rulers of the world within our worthless minds
Where demons roam free in lives of frivolity
As we sit on glided thrones of pain and misery

We are the privileged Kings and Queens
Of kingdoms where rivers run in blood orange
Seeping through slits and carved valleys
As we grew and died between momentary lapses

We are the privileged Kings and Queens
Of eyes dimmed at the arrival of twilight
Seeking comfort of the unknown behind
Muffled tears and blue-black skies.

We are the privileged Kings and Queens
Of feelings as fragile as milky galaxies
Wisps of death linger around seas of self-hate
Hidden by the need of societal reflections

We are the privileged Kings and Queens
Walking along a kingdom of mediocrity
Our life measured in actions and intentions
Only to be killed by our nightmares and doubts





Dim the incandescent lights
So that darkness consumes me
As I bequeath my feeble sanity
To the lull of the restless night
And medicate on Mirtazepine
To facilitate fogs of perfected moods
In eyes drowned in eternal sadness.

Dim the incandescent lights
So that when my blue veins spill
As fissures coat my callused flesh
To the stilfed cries of the blue-black sky,
And drown the voices in my lonely heart
Blurring the skies into precious diamonds
Embarking alone into sorrowful tomorrow’s.



 I’ve given up
Like the starry stars against the rising sun
As my soul burns naked on wooden pyres
A weakened victim of withering civilisations
As bullets ricochet through millennial heads
And the floor is puddled with blood and poetry

I’ve given up
Blurred the lines between present and future
Drugged my faltered mind to a dismal dystopia
As my anxiety splits my melancholic veins
Into dimensions of saturated emptiness
And dyes the sky in crimson goodbyes.



Draped in tunics as white as snow,
She wanders, lost between midnight and noon
Her beloved, resting in levels above earth below
Recounting yesteryear’s tales beneath the crimson moon

Dancing in the ecstasy of her beloved’s tune
That painted their souls in one symphonic hue
Freshly sprung; seeds sown in wintry June,
Their unborn love; fresh as star-kissed dew

As time bows to the mercy of the supreme
Bonds we break; from this world we are free
As death snatches the fading dreams,
Tapestry of memories; imprinted within the Banyan tree




It feels like the skies
Have given up on hope
And I’m forced to live
On the fleeting moments
Of the happy past
A bitter pill
That the heart will
Become accustomed to
In the coming winters
As tears turn to memories
And thoughts turn to stories
Too painful of a burden
On mothers natures
Growing hips

It feels like the mind
Has given up on the heart
And these charcoal eyes
Will be devoid of feelings
Hide wounds
Deep as canyons
And hide love
As deep as oceans
In the coming summer
As we burn back to ashes
Vulnerable millennials
In darkened states
Of violent recreation
And chemical thrills



7b1864b4b85bfe0376170fb1894b0e0f.jpgFragile minds
Drown in oceans
Of stormy grey
Graphite daydreams
Charcoal ink scribing
Forlorn dreams
On borrowed time.

Fragile hearts
Beat in rhythms
Of bitter blues
Azure skies
Vapoured veins bleeding
Euphoric longings
On neurotic inanities 

Fragile souls
Filled with voids
Of cosmic white
Milky ways
Constellated stars fating
Dislocated memories
On societal principles



The blush of the tropic dawn sky;
Gloriously dressed in burnt mikado hues,
A frenzied crescendo of uterine tears
Promising  life of tranquility and mayhem

Cracked asphalt and banks of despair;
Carry projections of our fragile hearts;
Seeking wonders that imagination may transfuse
In monochromatic moments of misinterpreted time.

The lull of absconding youth and vigour;
Unleashes euphoric floods of asphyxia;
Painting within sullen eyes and rueful smiles,
The nostalgic aftertaste of life’s bitter glory.