“A temple of drunken hues,
Self-consumer of the Monday Blues”

Kia Ora and Namaste everyone,

Dave is a four letter title for human reference however I am a man of many names( depending on what you think of me).

19 calendar years I’ve lived, 19 summers of sun-kissed skin and frolicking in the lingering breeze.19 winters of heartbeats that brought the frost as I became the shadow of a memory lost.

My veins well the ichor waters of the Saraswati,
Embedded with the resilient spirit of the Lion City,
Deeply in awe of Aotearoa’s meadows so pretty!

Find this Slytherin Muggle with an aura of sassiness and a cup of masala chai at a library near you, forever waiting for the Hogwarts seal of approval.

I hope that my journey through the millennial Earth as a tropical wildflower will help my readers to blossom into thinkers and believers that will spread good karma in the divided world we reside upon.We are a generation of wildflowers that must adapt to change and ensure that our legacy isn’t washed by the waves of time.

When we breathe and work as one,
We shall land on the seven stars,
Conquer the seven seas,
By Grace through Faith,