The Blessing of Disappointment


“There is a plethora of innate disappointment,

Bound under sullen eyes; easel of lavender hues,

The sweet ignorance of undivided attention,

That promised you the world and its love.


Your four eyes and two faces;

Are reminders of saccharine sadness,

Embraced in scarves of white lies,

Shiver at the mere vanity of endeavour!


Your paper town upbringing and cutout love,

Traced silhouettes of my insecurities,

Painted my isolations with blissful caress,

White innocence of a darkened soul.


To seek comfort in the arms of strangers,

Malignant burdens that you couldn’t carry,

The subtle blame of being a prisoner;

Of my own illusion and society’s expectation.


The wonders of a platonic friendship

Once loved: To be remembered and mourned

The writings of an eulogy

That spoke of better times.


But I bow in acknowledgement 

To the end of what we shared

The peculiar beauty in letting friendships go

And savouring its lessons and in delight 

Realising that pain runs so deep,

That it opens the emptiness of my loss 

And allows me to be awed by the mystery of its haunting.”






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