My mother was and is my greatest teacher.Period. She used the life experiences that we shared ( which was rough and good) to imprint life lessons upon me that made greater sense as I grew older and experienced the complicated wonders of this world, as I tried to make a place in this world and discover what I wanted. One of these life lessons was “ Always treat your heart like a home” and it is something that has made greater sense in the past few months as I have revalueated my friendships and relationships here in Singapore

A heart and home has many similarities which are uncanny. We need both to survive as our heart and home both give us warmth and a place to store things that we consider important to us hence it is important to ensure that our homes are in the best state possible. We also allow people into our homes and hearts ( who can stay for certain periods). It is important to ensure that we let the right people into our hearts and home as some are there for negative intentions( breaking your house and your heart) and there are some there who want to help you build it so that it is strong and durable; these are the people that you want. If we continue to let toxic people inhabit our hearts and home, their bad habits will break and degrade the positivity and confidence in which we have been blessed with, which will degrade many other aspects of us. I can say this because i have been through this and now i that i am aware of it, i can focus on building a life with more positivity and can focus on making a home and a heart that is filled with good people and lots of mikado hues.

At the end of the day, it isn’t the size or the quality of your heart and home that makes it a home, it is the people that you allow into your hearts and home that make it a home. There is no use having a grand mansion or a grand heart if we dont have loving people who will make us feel less lonely at homes and in our hearts. We cannot expect to build homes of love and peace in other peoples hearts if we dont have a good strong home of love and positivity in our hearts. 

Sometimes the home and the hearts that we expect to have may not necessarily fill their pleasing (ie the home and heart might look different than what we expected) but that’s the beauty of versatility; the different homes and hearts that we have can bring different ways of positivity to everyone and it can break barriers. 

We might be able to change our materialistic homes, but we can definitely never change the our hearts hence I challenge everyone to build a beautiful home of love and positivity by surrounding yourself with like-minded people in your hearts this year, that breaks barriers and promotes versatility in peace and love.



The Raw Form of Pain


Tear streaked eyes 

Are the paths of secrets

That carry the pain

That ones goes through

When he is misunderstood 

In this cruel world

And sometimes 

It’s best to hide

And cry your suffering

And use those droplets

To create artwork 

That they will appreciate

Because no one

Appreciates pain 

In its raw form.




will start this review by saying that I did not find the first two films of the How to Train Your Dragon Trilogy particularly interesting , therefore making me reluctant to watch How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World however the latest film from DreamWorks has proven me wrong as it is a visual spectacle that will tug hearts of all ages.

The film focuses around the idea of “Letting Go” as we grow as well as taking ownership of our own journey and its consequences and the third instalment of this series begin with Viking Chieftain Hiccup, who learns that his journey and identity as the Chieftain of Berk isn’t necessarily dependent on his partnership with his dragon Toothless( who he began his journey with in the first film). Director Dean DeBlois has creatively used her artistic skills to portray such a message that applies in the real world, as we find ourselves letting go of the things we consider dear to us as we age. With Hiccup’s town Berk being under threat from dragon-trappers ( who wish to use its population of dragons for their own gain), these dragon-trappers feel the help of dragon-killer Grimmel to take out Toothless ( who is the chieftain of dragons). By talking out Toothless, this would ensure that Grimmel would be able to hypnotise the dragon population out of Berk. This triggers an adventure to find the legendary “Hidden World”( a place where dragons are able to live in peace, away form the harm of humans) with Hiccup’s mission to move the town to the Hidden World. The story progresses leaving audiences captivated and truly mesmerised as Toothless encounters a female of his species and tries to capture her attention (without realising that it is a ploy of Grimmer’s)

The positive aspects of this film greatly outweigh the negative, however they must be mentioned as some of these aspects present a hindrance to watchers in terms of understanding and enjoying the film for its differentiation. The character Grimmer is very similar to Drago from the previous film, thus showing a lack of creativity and thought in the formation of Grimmel’s characters. Hiccup’s mother Valka and many of Hiccup’s friends also lack a little persona and side stories of their own, which gives the film a very monotone and expectable ending. It would have been nice to see a bit of variation and side stories which would have made the plot much more lively and interesting.

Overall the film has a narrative with characters that are normal and can be expected to be found in any film ( no special features) however DeBlois uses eye-candy and visual treats to create a magical ending to a trilogy that teaches us lessons that we can imprint on out daily lives. I would recommend watching this film but do watch the previous 2 films to understand the whole saga and I would really recommend it to anyone who wishes to watch a heartfelt, new yet familiar Dreamwork classic.

Rating: 4-4.5/5



Virtues and Vices;
Rhythms and Blues;
Wants and needs;
Purpose and intention;
We walk along a fine line
Of mediocrity,
And I’m slowly learning,
To let you go.

To accept,
That your muted tones;
Manifestations of solitude;
Speaks volumes and sutras,
Of what you seek in life.
And I can’t sew tapestries
Of compromise,
And bottleneck myself in tears
behind barred doors.

And to give,
Made me feel crimson.
Begging for validation,
In doors of silence.
And maybe in that moment,
I doubted my inner treasures.
Ruminate the consequences.
Desecrate the values,
That held me in good stead.
And I blamed our creator,
For giving me a friendship,
Where your visions couldn’t be filled.
Forget about mine;
My visions were clouded,
With what I could have done more.

Have I not tried;
Passionate undulations,
To fill our page of friendship,
With positive sunrise hues,
And spark your soul,
With joy and hope?
Maybe you drowned,
In self-tormented oceans.
Bruised by my thoughts;
Misinterpreted lines,
Of what we truly seek,
From the time of our lives.

Forgive me,
For my sins and slander,
Maybe its time to step back,
And let nature take its toll.
Deflate my expectations,
And be thankful for the moments,
That we shared.
The times of our golden youth,
That i carry in peace,
To my southern home.



Life ( also known as the condition that distinguishes us from inorganic matter) is a perplexing and difficult journey that we all face, as we continue to grind and hustle for goals that bring us happiness that isn’t necessarily real ( in a sense). We Homo Sapiens, however use the idea of relativity to help us better comprehend issues and make a greater sense of it. I personally love to compare life to rations that we might get during time of hardships as the similarities are uncanny. Both life and rations have their fair share of good and bad and they can both help us to live.

Life and living are two different concepts according to me. All of us reading this are blessed to have a life, but it is not until we start to change our perceptions and views, and witness the beauty of the small things in life that we truly begin to live. It is simply explained by the ability of humans to use their “bad rations“ and turn them into something that can help us to survive; we can use the life we have to live. I believe that in order to truly live, we must infuse our lives with does of heart-warming and belly-belching laughter.

Laughter is a natural reaction that we have all experienced frequently in our life and it is something so small but its impacts are contagious towards creating a healthy mind, brain and a positive outlook which we need more of. I also love how something so simple like laughter and can be a language of its own, breaking barriers of words and letters and being a signalling system of our feelings towards others.

Laughter is also the “best medicine” for humankind as it produces endorphins and has the ability to revitalise our energy levels, making us healthy in a mental sense. With the rise of mental issues in the world today, I hope that we are able to use something so simple as laughter to truly reduce the amount of negativity in our minds. It also helps to reduce stress and boost our immune system by increasing the amount of antibodies as well as lowering our blood sugar and enhancing our circulation, acting as a free, natural and temporary “medicine” for us to enjoy.

The most important reason of needing and using laughter is because laughter has the ability to lift out spirits and enhance our moods when times get tough and when the ration of life gets higher “on the sad side”.  Laughter helps us to avoid conflict as well as widen our perspectives and navigate through the rough patches in life, making us feel better in general. I am simply amazed to see how a small dosage of laughter can transform our social surroundings as well, bringing people of all creeds and ethnicities together under the same objective of sharing pure joy and happiness. This helps us to build common ground with those around us and build trust and cooperation. By using laughter as a tool to forget about our worries, we are able to truly live in the moment and appreciate the finer things that invoke feelings of liberation and pure happiness.

Laughter can also bring negative impacts, when it is not kept in moderation or when it is perceived as insensitive( when used in unfortunate circumstances).This presents a challenge however with moderation and common sense, we are able to use laughter as a tool rather than a weapon efficiently.

 At the end of the day, regardless of our cultural beliefs on how many lives we have to live, it is important that we ensure that this one counts and that each moment spent is spent in creating and spreading happiness through acts of positivity. Laughter is one of the most instrumental tools  in doing that and by cultivating a practice of prioritising fun and laughter, we are able to truly fulfil our true purpose of living this wonderful gift of creation. 




Threads woven together by our ancestry;

Stories of golden youths and infinite smiles;

Forming tapestries of yesteryear’s memories,

Seeking solace behind brown sugared irises.



The ancient oak tree that withstands tempest,

Crimson-gold leaves grasping at the sky.

Emblazoned roots of intertwined slander,

Seeking the ecstasy of glided gluttony.



Tripping over trepidation for validation,

The peculiar offbeat of being forlorn,

A sense of greater freedom; to be free,

In the eyes of judgemental mediocrity.



When I see my loved ones together,

And realise that I do not at feel,

So rather than ruminate the consequences,

I’d rather desecrate the purity of my innocence.


I’m forgotten; left to wither.

And it hurts.

The Blessing of Disappointment


“There is a plethora of innate disappointment,

Bound under sullen eyes; easel of lavender hues,

The sweet ignorance of undivided attention,

That promised you the world and its love.


Your four eyes and two faces;

Are reminders of saccharine sadness,

Embraced in scarves of white lies,

Shiver at the mere vanity of endeavour!


Your paper town upbringing and cutout love,

Traced silhouettes of my insecurities,

Painted my isolations with blissful caress,

White innocence of a darkened soul.


To seek comfort in the arms of strangers,

Malignant burdens that you couldn’t carry,

The subtle blame of being a prisoner;

Of my own illusion and society’s expectation.


The wonders of a platonic friendship

Once loved: To be remembered and mourned

The writings of an eulogy

That spoke of better times.


But I bow in acknowledgement 

To the end of what we shared

The peculiar beauty in letting friendships go

And savouring its lessons and in delight 

Realising that pain runs so deep,

That it opens the emptiness of my loss 

And allows me to be awed by the mystery of its haunting.”


The universe is our greatest master and guru; for its laws of nature have wonderful ways of teaching us lessons to progress and grow outwards and you were one of my life’s greatest lessons. I am truly thankful for the moments that we share and our friendship has given me experiences that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

I believe that the vast differences in our upbringing and the values that we bring were just not meant to go hand-in-hand. I could never (and never will) apologise for if I was brought up with values like yours, where low-maintenance friendships are normality, then maybe I would have done the same and robbed you of your trust and wantings.

I wish you all the best for what life has to offer and hope that your wishes and desires come true in every aspect. It initially hurt to have been cut out of your Insta and life stories but these past few months have made me realised I do not want to be in a chapter of your life where your stories show you surrounded with paper people and paper love. Regardless of our issues, I will always be there if you need a hand or a shoulder and maybe it is that loyalty that I will always have for you that has become a liability that I will have to repay for the moments we shared.

I have achieved contentment and maybe its without you in it.

If you do read this and want to talk, you know where to reach me.